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13:30-14:00 Registration


14:00-14:10 Welcome

Dilip Shukla, Head of Content, AOP


14:10-14:35 What is a Premium Publisher to the user?

Jeff Perkins, Commercial Director EMEA, Thomson Reuters

What makes a premium publisher in today’s world? Is it the product of a higher level of journalistic integrity? Does integrity matter? Does the user recognise this? This session will explore the relationship between the publisher and the user and evaluate how social networks are changing the standards users expect and the way that they view publishers. What is the Global context? How can we create greater respect for what we do? Learn from some shining examples of how to get it right.


14:35-15:10 The content creator today

Christian Broughton Editor The Independent

What does the process of researching and creating content look like today? Where does user understanding come from? How does user interaction affect the creative process?


15:10-15:30 Break


15:30-16:35 Panel

We’re going to run an extended panel where our two speakers will join the panel:

Jeff Perkins (Chairing) Commercial Director EMEA, Thomson Reuters

Christian Broughton, Editor, The Independent

James Carson, Head of SEO and Social, The Telegraph

Anthony Cuthbertson, Journalist, Newsweek

How can we create more respect and value for the work of premium content creators?

How can we prove the value of what we do?

Where are we headed?

How can we make that future a brighter place?


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