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On behalf of the team at AOP we would like to thank everyone who attended Inside Out 2016

Please keep a look out for the latest updates here and on our Facebook page including event highlights, interviews and thought leadership pieces.

Inside Out Agenda

Inside Out Agenda

The Inside Out Agenda has something for all disciplines and levels of career development within digital publishing
Inside Out Gallery

Inside Out Gallery

Inside Out, the AOP Digital Publishing Convention, provides an essential opportunity for progressive digital publishers to get to grips with the issues that will drive profitability in an attention economy.
Find the module for your profession
Whatever your role in digital publishing, there are Inside Out sessions designed to help you address your business challenges.  Here’s your personalised guide to which modules you must, should or could attend…


Research reveals Sublime Skinz' video format to be more effective than pre-roll for driving audience engagement and action

More than 80% of respondents in a new Ipsos study report that innovative outstream units are the more appealing and effective video format compared to other dominant video types, including pre-roll

FourFourTwo Announces Two Digital Content Partnerships

FourFourTwo has announced multi-platform content partnerships in two new countries – Nigeria (with SoccerNet NG) and Denmark (with MuninSports).

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