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This year we are changing the way we structure our activities to enable us to more actively support our members in solving the problems they face, through collective action. To achieve this we have created campaigns and explorations which will run throughout 2017 and will focus on key industry subjects.

The objective of campaigns is to solve an industry wide problem that our members face. We campaign to devise a solution and involve all the relevant industry stakeholders to make it happen.

Explorations are areas that have been identified as an opportunity for growth that require investigation, understanding and development.

Upcoming Events

Programmatic Forum

Data Forum

Ad Blocking Forum

AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2017

Publishing Ventures Workshop (Part 1)

Mobile Monetisation Forum

Off-Platform Audience Development Workshop

Advertising UX Forum

Publishing Ventures Workshop (Part 2)

Native Forum

AOP Digital Publishing Convention 2017

Video Forum

Past Events

Ad Blocking Workshop

Mobile Monetisation Workshop

The Content Creator & The User Forum

Advertising UX Workshop

AOP on LinkedIn
AOP on Twitter
AOP on Facebook
AOP on YouTube