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The Reader Revenue Revolution

Thu 5-Apr-2018
08:30 - 11:00
Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton House Terrace, St. James's, London SW1Y 5DG

The Guardian is predicting it will break even next year, The Independent is in profit and many thematic publishers are driving significant growth. Whilst these aren’t the new halcyon days for publishers, new and more valuable relationships with users suggest a future where premium publishers can thrive. But how to exchange value?

Every publisher is finding their own, bespoke solution; paid content ranges from time allocation to membership to subscription, and through combinations of these and other models. With the introduction of GDPR users will place a higher value on their data as part of that value exchange. What’s right for you?

How are publishing leaders creating progress and where are they headed in future? What are the new technologies that facilitate this more sophisticated and productive relationship with the reader? These are some of the key questions we will address with some of the leading publishers and tech providers in this space.

Join our second Crunch event, The Reader Revenue Revolution, to:

  • Understand winning reader revenue strategies now and for the future
  • Discover the new technologies that are driving revenue
  • Understand how you can create the solution you need for your own unique challenges

The AOP Crunch Series is about learning from industry leaders, discussing challenges, and peer networking; all of this with a purpose, to build a better future for Premium Publishers. Whether you have a specific problem to solve, you want cutting edge learning or you want to guide future outcomes, you need to be there.

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Featured Speakers

Cat Wildman

Cat Wildman

Director of Product
Telegraph Media Group
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